How can European manufacturers transport cargo to UK and Ireland at the lowest price?

Why is cargo transportation to UK and Ireland so expensive?

Transporting cargo from Europe to UK and Ireland involves many modes of transportation: ground, rail, sea, and air. Finding the cheapest combination is difficult. Therefore, many logistics companies stick to mainland transportation within Europe or offer sky-high prices to ship your goods to UK or Ireland.

Moreover, many logistics providers do not ship cargo regularly to these locations and cannot offer you a competitive price.

Because of this, manufacturers often struggle to find a cheap and efficient transportation solution to their desired end destination in UK or Ireland?

The solution:

If manufacturers want to reduce their transportation costs to UK or Ireland they cannot rely on the first few offers from logistics providers, since shipping prices to these regions are inflated. They have to research and find the cheapest combination of routes and means of transportation from the factory to the end destination.

For example, shipping your goods by sea could be the cheapest option for you depending on your location. Or you might have a large land area to cover and using a train is less expensive than a truck.

Contact multiple logistics providers that specialise in specific routes and transportation types and compare their offers. This way you can piece together cheapest routes and select the most efficient option. By researching and knowing this information, you can make more educated decisions and decrease your costs.

All-in-one solution:

Fargo-Line specializes in Europe to UK/IE/NO cargo transportation, and can offer regular stock pick-up/departure at the lowest price. We achieve this by using our highly developed logistics routes, partnerships and expertise in this market.

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