How can European manufacturers transport cargo to UK and Ireland in the shortest time frame?

Why does cargo transportation to UK and Ireland take so long?

Many logistics providers do not have developed routes from Europe to UK and Ireland because of its complexity and many variables that are involved. Therefore, finding the fastest shipping route is more difficult than within mainland Europe.

Another reason for this because often regular and constant cargo pickup to these locations is more rare, resulting in delays. Additionally, cheapest routes often involve more than one mode of transportation causing further time adjustments.

The solution:

To ship your goods quickly to UK or Ireland you need to emphasize consistent access to quick cargo pickup from your warehouse. Because transportation to these locations can involve multiple stages to save costs, it’s important to sync them and have an option for quick cargo pickup. Best way to do this is by forecasting your cargo pickup time more accurately, so you could secure the delivery in advance, avoiding delays.

Another way to avoid long shipping times is to focus on the actual routes and shorten them. You need to research which type of transportation or a combination of a few will yield a quickest transit time. However combining these two tips will give you the best results.

All-in-one solution:

Fargo-Line specializes in Europe to UK/IE/NO cargo transportation, and can offer regular stock pick-up/departure at the lowest price. We achieve this by using our highly developed logistics routes, partnerships and expertise in this market.

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